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Introducing: Shadowclub

It’s not very often we get tipped off about a hot band from South Africa. Until just now, we thought there wasn’t a great deal more than rugby and cricket that went on there (which is perhaps why they’ve been so strong at both pursuits historically), but low and behold, there is an indie scene nestled in the underground clubs of the nation’s larger cities.

Indeed, our friends Scoundrels have just been on tour over there for the first time (in an initiave to introduce international bands to the local market) and told us to check out Shadowclub, a rip roaring rock ‘n’ roll three piece from Johannesburg who opened up for them at the city’s Town Hall venue on 26 April.

Apparently, Shadowclub are a fairly big deal across SA – something that’s no doubt been aided by last year’s stadium support slots for none other than Kings Of Leon in Cape Town and Johannesburg, combined with a strong work ethic which has seen them trek across the country several times on their own steam.

Sound wise, this is unfiltered, dirty, foot-to-the-floor rock ‘n’ roll, no doubt inspired by the Followill clan’s earlier material (up to album no. 3, we’re guessing), Lou Reed, The Black Keys and Wolfmother – all of which we could see Shadowclub supporting and not bat an eyelid. It’s music for a night out on the tiles, rather than a period of introspection, we’d suggest, and we say three cheers to that. We also eagerly await the announcement of any European dates – which is something, according to a recent interview, they’re looking into.

Past LFC performance