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Introducing: Eeves

When we come across a band that reminds us of being obsessed with Interpol and Bloc Party in 2005, getting into Pixies back in the day and also a brief flirtation with American emo music back in the early noughties (your Thrices, your Something Corporates, your Ataris’), we’re pretty much sold on first listen. Nostalgia is a very powerful thing, and when music passes through our ears that gets us looking through the rose tinted glasses, the game’s pretty much up.

Middlesbrough’s Eeves, and their sterling track “Silhouette”, had this effect on us the other day, and we haven’t looked back. Some impressive guitar work that might have Daniel Kessler turning his head is on show here, as is an uplifting chorus that sounds built for an early evening / sun-going-down slot at a major festival.

The quartet appear to be generating some buzz in their North East locality (becoming the latest in a long line of new and exciting bands from the region – see Mausi, Lulu James, The Lake Poets and Polarsets of late), as a result of this arresting four and a half minutes, and as such are picking up support in the right places.

Amazing Radio have got behind the group (check out the band in session for the station here), as have the organisers of a Newcastle multi venue event called Evolution Emerging, who have booked the band to open the city’s Cluny venue on 1 June, where they’ll share a stage with Lulu James and Beth Jeans Houghton. For once, perhaps, London ain’t the place to be on that day.

Past LFC performance