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Introducing: Laura Welsh

Twenty-something Laura Welsh has been on the London scene for a year or two now, under various guises: we first came across her as Laura And The Tears, and she also performed under the monicker of Hey Laura for a short while.

While strong, radio (2) friendly songs and her powerful and emotive voice have always been at the forefront, for some reason neither of these projects really catapulted her into the ether (and general public consciousness). This might well change now, however – Welsh has relaunched simply under her given names, and has posted, as well as some evocative black and white photography, two rather arresting tracks online: “45” and “Ghosts”.

Pitched somewhere between Adele and Rachael Yamagata, both display solid production, an impressive set of pipes and a general feeling they won’t remain contained for too much longer: we’re currently envisaging A&R men donning their cloaks and daggers and preparing for battle.

Indeed, we won’t be surprised if “45” ends up sound-tracking a tear-jerking scene in a US TV drama or an Olympic montage this year, and with its show-stopping “45 minutes to midnight” refrain, it would have been ideal for recent US flick “New Years Eve”, if only it came out sooner (this is the ballpark we’re in here). These are songs pitched unequivocally directed at the mass market, and with the legs to potentially go the whole hog.

MP3: Laura Welsh – 45
MP3: Laura Welsh – Ghosts

Past LFC performance