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Introducing: Dozens

Back in June, we tipped you lot off about a promising Chicago outfit called Merlin Wall. We’re back in the Windy City with our latest discovery, electro-pop three piece Dozens, who seem to have been doing the rounds in their hometown for just under a year now, and suggest there’s something quite exciting going on in the underground of the USA’s third most populous city.

One of their tracks, “Sounds Of Your Lovers” (which was released on 7″ last summer via US indie DreamBait Recordings) has been on repeat all weekend – on the laptop, in the car, or wherever else we were able to plug the iPod in.

Coming across all Foster The People, Empire Of The Sun, Passion Pit and a little bit Miami Horror, this is an exuberant, arms aloft – and ultimately summery – noise, that wouldn’t have been out of place on the The OC back in the day. In any case, it’ll leave an indelible mark in your consciousness after just one listen, so insistent is its chorus.

We’re in familiar territory, of course, and this certainly won’t have any music theorists scratching their heads in bemusement any time soon. But it will have a lot of fans of the genre, like us, turning our heads and wondering what might come next from the band.

MP3: Dozens – Sounds Of Your Lovers

Introducing: Merlin Wall (+ free 6 track EP)

Over the last twelve to eighteen months, we’ve seen the likes of US bands The Soft Pack, Surfer Blood, Best Coast and Cloud Nothings achieve international recognition and plaudits with their their own brand of fuzzy, lo-fi and seemingly half-arsed (but nevertheless convincing) surf pop.

It’s a genre that’s certainly en vogue, something that’s no doubt been picked up on by Chicago’s Merlin Wall, whose six track EP ‘Crushin’ From Afar’ embodies this particular musical movement with its West Coast longing, plug and play feel and effortless knack for a juicy hook. There’s also a hint of Interpol / Joy Division in their prominent bass lines (see ‘Chick Track’ and ‘Hey Babes’), which all in all makes MW a very interesting new proposition.

Of course, in today’s less is more, keep-’em-guessing environment, where posting even a rudimentary press shot is seen as placing your cards on the table too early, there’s very little information about these guys online. What we can decipher, however, is they’re playing gigs in their hometown right now, and garnering a bit of local interest. In fact, when we tipped our buddies at RethinkPopMusic off about the band, they booked them for a show at Martyrs in Chicago that very night (24 March), which made us marvel at the wonders of 21st Century communication if nothing else. As for the gig – apparently they went down well.

Whether or not they do break out of this scene remains to be seen, of course, but you can follow their progress via their Tumblr page, and (just in time for summer) download the aforementioned EP for free below. If you live in Chicago, perhaps head down to one of their shows (and let us know what it’s like).

Past LFC performance