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[COMPETITION] The Black Angels – “Phosphene Dream” LP Giveaway

Austin, TX outfit The Black Angels are a band who wouldn’t be out of place on the bill for The Isle Of Wight Festival in 1968, or Woodstock the following year. All fuzzed up, psychedelic guitars, eerie organs and lazy, hazy vocals, when listening to them you can’t avoid images of fortified cigarettes, peace sings and hair-adorning flowers. Obvious reference points are The Velvet Underground, Jefferson Airplane, Brian Jonestown Massacre and 13th Floor Elevators. You get the (rather smoky, twirly) picture.

In 2010, with two full lengths to their name, they signed a deal to release their third LP, “Phosphene Dream”, with the revamped Blue Horizon label (also home to our friends Scoundrels). The imprint was brought back to life after some success in the 1960s (with the Peter Green fronted Fleetwood Mac and Chicken Shack) by Seymour Stein and Richard Gottehrer, both of Sire Records fame, with Black Angels spearheading the label’s new dawn.

Of the deal, Stein declared: “Great musicianship and performers, mesmerizing vocals, and songs that penetrate the subconscious. That’s the best way to describe Black Angels, our first signing to Blue Horizon records. In every way the band is perfect choice to re-launch to this iconic label.” Quite.

Currently, the band are on tour in Europe promoting “Phosphene Dream”, and play a headline show at London’s Scala on Monday 19 September.

In the meantime, we’ve teamed up with the band’s distribution company, The Orchard, to give away TWO copies of the aforementioned LP. After deliberating with ourselves about the best way to do this, we’ve decided to keep it simple – we’ll ask you a question, and you Email lfclubrecords [at] gmail [dot] com with your answer to be in with a chance of scooping the prize. Think you can do that? Here goes:

What was the name of The Black Angels’ 2006 debut LP?

Deadline is 12 noon, Friday 16 September. We’ll pick two winners at random from the people that answer correctly and post you the album shortly after that. We’re keeping it UK-only on this occasion – sorry to any fans in Indonesia, or Cape Verde. Next time. Anyway – good luck. We’re off to watch a re-run of Almost Famous.

Scoundrels – “Gulf Of Mexico”

Scoundrels play LFC’s 4th Birthday at Catch, 26/01/11. Photo by Max Webster.

London blues inspired rock ‘n’ rollers and LFC regulars Scoundrels are releasing their long awaited debut album on 27 June through the recently revamped Blue Horizon label. Self titled, it’ll be preceded by a new single called ‘Gulf Of Mexico’ a week before – a track that’s been on heavy rotation recently in these here parts.

Veering away from their usual mile-a-minute template, ‘Gulf Of Mexico’ is a far more blissed out, spacious and laid back affair that, perhaps unintentionally, doffs its hat towards the likes of Mumford And Sons and Bombay Bicycle Club (at least on their acoustic album Flaws). That’s not to damn it with faint praise, however – this is a track which really sounds like a band truly hitting their stride after a lengthy period of playing together and is a real showcase for front man Ned Wyndham’s unique and soulful voice. If it’s an indication of what’s to come next, we can’t wait to hear more.

Given its title, we can only assume the song was inspired by the band’s time in Southern Louisiana – and subsequent longing to return to their musical Mecca of Lafayette. And who’s to blame them? If you’d like to see what they got up to whilst in the deep South last year, do check out their beautifully shot fly-on-the-wall feature ‘Go Sell Your Soul‘ – it’s in six parts, and documents everything from saloon bar gigs to recording with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago.

Gulf Of Mexico by The Orchard

LFC 4th Birthday band #1: Scoundrels

So we came up with an idea. Over the next eight week days (starting today, 12 January), in the run up to our 4th birthday shows (see previous post), we’re going to profile each of the bands appearing, and ask them some questions. Think of it as an alternative to The Guardian Online’s much referenced New Band Of The Day feature.

You probably don’t know them that well (if you do – pat yourselves on the back for being ahead of the game), so this is your chance to get up close and personal before they hit the stage on the 26th and 27th. Hopefully, you’ll like what you read (and indeed hear) enough to put on your shoes and drag yourself out of the house and into the sweat boxes of the East End for some good old fashioned live music.

First up are LFC stalwarts Scoundrels, recently signed to the revived Blue Horizon label and set to open their 2011 gigging account at Catch on the 26th, before they hit the road for a 12-date UK tour with fellow blues-inspired rockers Kill It Kid.

Location: London, UK
Lineup: Ned Wyndham (Vocals, Guitar); George Elliot (Lead Guitar); Alex Hill (Bass); Josh Martens (Drums)
Label: Blue Horizon
Previous LFC appearances: 8
Blog love: “clean guitar lines mesh with solo picking and the kind of steadied backbeat that bar brawls are made of” (The Culture Of Me)
LFC 4th Birthday show details: Catch, 26 Jan, on-stage 10.15pm RSVP TICKETS

Who are you?

N: Scoundrels, a four piece “cruddy blues, rock n’ soul” outfit hailing from the four corners of Guildford, Salisbury, Lewes and Chiswick.

What were your highlights of 2010?

N: We were sent by Seymour Stein (founder of Sire Records) to the swamps of South Louisiana for two months to record, live on a house boat and generally get schooled by the local musicians in the ways of blues, soul, country, New Orleans jazz and zydeco. It was incredible. We also spent two weeks in Chicago recording with Alt-Rock legend Steve Albini which was a real experience, recording to analog tape and honing our recorded performances.

What are you most looking forward to in 2011?

N: Releasing our debut album, working under our new label (Blue Horizon) and touring like mad. We thrive on live performances and hopefully we’ll continue to gain a good reputation doing so.

Do you have anything available to buy right now?

N: We released a rather fruity single, “Hangman’s Lament” in June ourselves which got to number 2 on the iTunes Blues charts and is available to download. We’ll be releasing an album and more singles in the coming months but we’ll keep you posted.

What’s been your best gig(s) to date?

N: Our baptism of fire in the US, playing the Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette on Mardi Gras to an amazing southern crowd. The vibe was amazing and the reception we got was typical of Louisianans, full of warmth and fervour.

And finally, why should people attend your gig?

N: Because we’ve got good tunes and have enough soul to make your bones jangle to the beat and your nose hairs stand on end. We also release a marsupial on stage during the latter stages of the set which is quite extraordinary.

Scoundrels – Hangman’s Lament by charmfactory

MP3: Scoundrels – Just Can’t See It Through

Past LFC performance