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Introducing: BLACKEYE

An argument we often have with friends and colleagues concerns the originality of new recording artists: well into the 21st Century, with music as a commercial product a relatively old-hat idea, is it possible to create something totally devoid of influences, and something that’s not going to remind the listener of something else?

Probably not, we’re going to suggest, especially if one chooses to trade with discernible song structures and obvious hooks. Which leaves us with the next best thing – music that’s going to reference a number of well known artists of the past, and hopefully, give it a current and interesting twist. London’s BLACKEYE do just this – “Bail Me Out”, the first song we’ve heard of theirs, instantly transports us back to the summer of 1996, with Britpop in full swing, the England football team coming close to glory on home turf, posters telling us to choose life, a North-South divide created by two rival pop groups, and a stagnating Tory government.

Sonically, it’s the updated version of Sleeper, Elastica or Republica, and something that wouldn’t be at all out of place on Chris Evans’ TFI Friday. Undeniably British, and evoking images of pop culture over the last twenty years or so as it races along, it also contains a radio-ready, festival-friendly hook that never strays far from the mix.

We expect this track isn’t far away from heavy rotation here, there and everywhere, and where (Viva) Brother might have failed to have the majority of us nostalgically flocking back to the Met Bar, or The Good Mixer, we’re backing this lot to do the business – particularly if they can come up with other material as jubilantly catchy as this.

Past LFC performance