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Introducing: Winterhours

If you’re influenced by people like Cold War Kids, Wintersleep, Band Of Horses and Arcade Fire, and have a violin in the mix, it’s not going to be complete tosh, is it? Well, it could be, but it’s easier to be sympathetic certainly. It’s a firm footing from which to introduce a new band. Winterhours, from Winchester, fit this above description and, very pleasingly, put their own South Coast spin on it all, performing some pretty affecting, powerful and most importantly, hook-filled music.

We’ve been fortunate enough to catch them live on a couple of occasions recently (at The Borderline and The Enterprise), both times on the same bill as our very own Divers, and can confirm they’re able to do it live as well. Research informs us they’ve shared stages with the lauded likes of Cloud Control, Wolf Gang and To Kill A King, and on current form, it shouldn’t be too long before they’re mentioned in the same sentences as this bunch.

The band are kicking off 2013 with the release of a new single, entitled “Ocean Heart”, and rather good it is too. Drawing the listener in from the outset and building up to a suitably rousing finale, it sets out their stall perfectly for what could be a fruitful year for the quartet. They’re back at The Borderline in London on Saturday 2 February, which could well be one for the diary.

Introducing: Palace

Now then. Anyone who became acquainted with our new music blog over the last year may well have realised it’s been on a small hiatus since the summer. Apologies to any regular readers – other projects took over for a bit. However, we’ve been wanting to resurrect it for a while, and after hearing new London band Palace, decided there is indeed no time like the present.

Palace’s first demos were posted online over the summer under the guise of their singer Leo Wyndham, and displayed a knack for a great tune and bags of promise. Now Leo has recruited a full band (Wilby, Matt and Rupert, says Facebook), performed some new recordings with said members, and the results are startlingly good.

It’s blissed out, dark and atmospheric folk driven blues, with nods to early Kings Of Leon (see “Trani” or “Milk” especially), Jeff Buckley and Dan Auerbach. “I Want What You Got” in particular is refreshingly timeless in its disdain for current trends, carried by Wyndham’s slightly lackadaisical but always emotive vocal. The songs suggest a band who have been together for much longer than they have, and a maturity well beyond their years.

Their first gig proper happened on Tuesday night, where they opened for James Iha (of Smashing Pumpkins fame) at Bush Hall. We weren’t there, unfortunately, but have it on good authority it was something that people will be talking about some time from now. We’ll be damn sure to get down to one of the next ones – they tread the boards at The Wreck in Camberwell this Friday (tomorrow), and then at Power’s Bar in Kilburn on Wednesday 19 December.

Past LFC performance