Introducing: The BlackWhite

Whilst we’re probably well past the era of indie rock as a cultural phenomenon in the UK (2001 – 2006; Is This It right through to The Automatic’s “Monster”, we’d speculate), there are of course always going to be groups of four or five men trying to relive the salad days of guitars in the top 40, enthusiastic Kiwis on brown couches and a time when we regularly noted what was being said in the weekly music press.

A memorable, guitar based three and a half minutes is definitely a timeless thing, and success can of course occur when a group composes just this. The latest band to take a punt with guitars, bass, drums and some well placed hooks are London’s The BlackWhite, a quartet fronted by a singer called Josh Bray, who enjoyed some success as a folky solo artist prior to this latest incarnation.

It’s Bray’s emotive and tuneful vocal that takes the lead on the band’s first ever demos, of which “Cut Through The Middle” and “Born To Better Times” are obvious, immediate highlights. Everything from the noisy rock of Incubus and Brand New to the mellower and moody atmospherics of Cold War Kids and The Boxer Rebellion is audible in the song writing, suggesting a band who’ve lived through and appreciated a number of ages in the rock ‘n’ roll lexicon.

Their take on it all, whilst of course nothing particularly new, is sharply executed, and hints at something bigger – if they continue to write songs in this vein we’re sure an imagination capturing moment (every successful indie band has one) is within their capability. We’re very much tuned in to their station, which broadcasts for only the second time live this Thursday night at West London’s AAA venue.

MP3: The BlackWhite – Born To Better Times

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