Introducing: Israel Cannan

Photo by Tim Williams

The old adage of London’s streets being paved with gold has been a big guiding factor and inspiration for many an ambitious character over the course of time. One of the more recent examples of someone arriving in the UK’s capital in pursuit of their dreams is Australia’s Israel Cannan, who recently traded the sun, sand and sea of the Central Coast in his homeland for the rough and ready delights of Kensal Rise.

Cannan has left behind (or at least put on hold) what seems to be a slowly blossoming career in Oz – aside from a formative stint as an actor (he appeared in Home & Away for one), a full length album, “Walk”, was released in 2010 and appears to have driven him into the public’s consciousness, as well as onto the stage at a number of high profile festivals.

In any case, it appears the land Down Under’s loss is our gain – Cannan has been doing the rounds in London for a little while now (including a gig for us at Jake Mattison‘s recent single launch party at The Enterprise and one with fellow countryman Matt Corby at The Garage), and anyone who’s witnessed his live show will no doubt attest that it’s an incredibly entertaining and arresting half an hour.

Traits such as a rich, show stopping voice, great songs and a charismatic and charming on stage persona make Cannan someone who is instantly likeable. Up until very recently, he didn’t have much new material recorded, but he’s just posted a free download, the rather moving “From The Start”, up online. It reminds us of the best bits of Damien Rice, Bon Iver and Oh, Inverted World era Shins, and in its duration sets Israel apart from the plethora of other singer-songwriters attempting to walk this line.

MP3: Israel Cannan – From The Start

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