Introducing: Eye Emma Jedi

In the age of instant gratification and a discernible lack of patience from us consumers, it really does help to have a web search friendly band name. More often than not, if we can’t find what we’re looking for within a couple of minutes, we’re off elsewhere, onto the next thing. So well done, Eye Emma Jedi, you’ve passed the first test with flying colours.

We guess the second one is the strength of the music available. And on the evidence of the songs they’ve got online, we can confirm that this Norwegian but now London based quintet are an exciting new guitar band who play an energetic, in-your-face brand of indie rock – the type that made us fall in love with the genre in the first place.

After building up a head of steam back in Norway (their first three singles made it onto playlists at national radio, for one) their next move is an introduction to the notoriously tough UK market – a debut single, ‘Sin’, is being released digitally by our friends over at Killing Moon Limited on 6 August. Of course, it’s hard to predict what the public will lap up at any point in time, but you’ve got to feel that EEJ’s overt enthusiasm and a penchant for a big hook will give them a fighting chance of success.

The aforementioned single opens up with a attention grabbing guitar riff, quite possibly inspired by Devil’s Crayon by Wild Beasts, before moving into all out foot stomping, festival friendly territory. It’s B-side Crucified that really takes the bacon, though – we never thought it was possible to mix late noughties Northern indie (Courteeners, Pigeon Detectives, Little Man Tate, et al) with the stadium ready sheen of Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age, but hey, we’re all ears if someone manages to do this with aplomb. We’re imagining an absolute riot live, too.

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