Introducing: DIAZ

We were very excited this morning to come across this video on YouTube: “Be Close To Me” is a slice of dark and atmospheric 80s pop perfection from DIAZ, the brand new incarnation of a group we’ve released on our label in the past (we’ll let you work out the rest).

Judging by the quality of this first offering, exciting things could well lie in wait as a result of the re-brand. The prominent bass and drums draw you in, before the spotlight shifts to a powerful and affecting vocal, which then hits us hard with one of the strongest, most memory imbedding hooks we’ve heard in 2012. It’s the comfortable, relaxed sound of a band who’ve clearly played with each other some time, and have found a powerful alchemy as a result.

The video, a montage of grainy footage from 1980s New York City, fits in perfectly with the new sound, all 3am, neon lights, The Cure and New Order, with a nod to the recent dancefloor filling offerings of Holy Ghost.

At just under three minutes, we’re left wanting more and wondering what’s next – of course their intention. We guess the first port of call for anyone curious is The Nest in Dalston on Saturday 28 July, when DIAZ make their live debut.

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