Introducing: In Gratitude

From what we can see, Glastonbury town’s In Gratitude were a touring and recording band back in 2010 who released an EP (“Only In Youth”) to some mild fanfare before disbanding shortly after. As of December last year, their Facebook page informs us, they’re back in action, and have two sparkly new recordings to show for it.

“Only You” and “Eighteen” are the tracks they’ve chosen to usher in their new era as a band, and both suggest a group who aren’t overly keen to be slumming it on the pub circuit for too much longer: it’s ambitious, high-sheen and widescreen indie rock, with an eye on the larger theatres of the country at the very least (and almost certainly the more lofty slots at the annual shindig that takes place in their backyard).

The four members clearly have a plethora of influences between them – everything from The Smashing Pumpkins to U2 to Delays to The Temper Trap is decipherable somewhere in their sound, with front man Matthew Guttridge’s falsetto (and slightly androgynous) vocal bearing a resemblance to the singers of these bands at different points in either song.

In any case, it’s perfectly executed, hook-filled, feel-good and enjoyable stuff – which promises much for the rest of the year. Gigs will surely be on the agenda in the not too distant future, and we strongly suspect we’re not the only party keeping a beady eye on any such announcement right now.

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