Introducing: Pete Hickman And The Divers

One thing we love about the internet is the ability to find a great bands from all over the world every day, without the hassle of even putting shoes on. Sure, there’s a hell of a lot of mediocrity out there, but amongst the plethora of acts trying their darnedest to get heard, the law of averages suggests there’ll be diamond in the rough every now and again.

And it’s very exciting when something comes out of the speakers that isn’t total drivel. You know, actual songs. Ones that don’t try to do too much, and possess some great instrumentation and a juicy chorus. Most of the time, it’s all we ask for. You’d be surprised at the number of bands who shy away from this formula.

Anyway, step forward Pete Hickman And The Divers – our latest discovery fitting the above criteria. They’re a London four piece who take us on a massive nostalgia trip back to our early teenage years with their blend of US alt rock that was popular in the early to mid-nineties. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, Dinosaur Jr – that sort of thing. Bands whose albums you probably bought on the day of release, before super-glueing their badge onto your backpack.

The band haven’t done an awful lot so far, apart from some rudimentary London gigging, but they’ve just posted a studio video of them playing a track of called “A Little Better”, which might open the door to bigger and better things. We think it’s superb, and can’t wait to hear more where it came from.

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