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Introducing: Red Kite

There’s been a steadily building buzz around Red Kite for a little while now, the new Reading band fronted by erstwhile Cooper Temple Clause member Daniel Fisher.

The heat has been generated by one exceptional track being posted online – the emotive, uplifting and faith in guitar music restoring ‘Montreal’. Remember when White Lies posted ‘Unfinished Business’ on their MySpace in 2008, or when The Vaccines put up the demo of ‘If You Wanna’ on their website last year? It feels a bit like that. People’s lips are moving.

The track in question reminds us of Idlewild circa 100 Broken Windows / The Remote Part, or Nada Surf circa Let Go (two bands that were big news around the time of TCTC’s rise), as well as groups like Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and The National. Clocking in at around four and a half minutes, you’re compelled to hit repeat straight after (it’s one of those). All in all it’s not a bad place to be one song in.

Zane Lowe’s already dropped it on his show under the ‘Next hype’ banner, and right now 2012 looks like it could be a very busy year for this lot. However, if you’re not at a Christmas party sporting a stupid paper hat tomorrow night, we recommend you check the band out at The Bull And Gate, where they headline an Amazing Radio curated event (Ice Black Birds and Being There are also on the bill).

Red Kite – Montreal by Red Kite_Band

MP3: Red Kite – Montreal

Past LFC performance