Introducing: Mausi

Newcastle’s Mausi are, excuse the cliche, a breath of fresh air. But they really are. When we came across them not so long ago, their optimism filled and colourful single ‘Sol’ grabbed us by the scruff of the neck and simply refused to let go.

The track possesses the freewheeling spirit of Los Campesinos, Givers or Phoenix at their most upbeat and danceable, as well as one of the most catchy vocal hooks we’ve heard for some time. Released the other day on their own label, we’re of the firm opinion it’s one of the best 2k11 has to offer.

The beautifully shot video, featuring the band members on a summer road trip somewhere far more exotic than their home town, makes you wish it was July again, and you were actually drinking Sol on a beach (presumably their intention). We expect this lot to be big news next year, although be sure to download the single now and give yourself something to raise your spirits as the days draw in.

MP3: Mausi – Sol

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