Nottee – “Don’t Waste Your Light On Me” / “Share This”

Twenty something Swede Nova Drougge, aka Nottee, has been around for a little while now. Emerging onto the blogosphere in early 2009 with two sterling, pop heavy demos (‘Control’ and ‘Young Modern Life’), she got lauded by many a music authority and even appeared on Kitsune’s Maison 8 compilation in October of that year (usually a decent barometer of what’s simmering right now).

A handful of London club shows took place in mid-2010, and then Nottee seemed to disappear without a trace, rather than capitalise on the steadily building buzz. We can only guess she returned to her native Gothenburg to hone her sound – the results of which are manifested on current sparkling double A-sided single “Don’t Waste Your Light On Me” / “Share This” (which came out in March through Swedish label Emotion).

Its polished, high sheen sound is certainly one for fans of current pack leader (as far as Swedish female singers go) Lykke Li, or harking a bit further back, Fleetwood Mac or Carly Simon. Indeed, Nottee has pure, dancefloor-friendly (or soothing, morning after) pop at the top of her manifesto – and with any luck, things should pick up properly sooner rather than later. We haven’t heard a great deal better in the last few years for sure.

MP3: Nottee – Control

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