Introducing: Age Of Giants

It’s always exciting when one discovers some great new music out of the blue. On this latest occasion, it’s an outfit in their formative stages called Age Of Giants, a Brussels based quartet playing what we’ve seen described as ‘majestic dark pop’. You’ve got to be some sort of “pop” these days, don’t you (recent ones we’ve seen include “night”, “big”, “space” and “weird”), and “majestic dark” sums this lot up pretty nicely.

You may well have heard the vocals before – front man David Caggiari was previously in mid noughties London group Apartment, who amongst many other things, headlined an LFC event at the now defunct Luminaire venue in May 2007 (they also supported Jimmy Eat World on tour once).

It was quite a performance that night, and with a great debut LP dropping that year (The Dreamer Evasive), we were slightly saddened to see the band drift off into the sunset shortly after. All sharp, post-punk riffs, black attire (initially), and baritone singing, they were possibly The Killers or the Editors that, for whatever reason, didn’t bulldoze their way into the public’s consciousness.

In any case – fans of Apartment (like us) will be pleased to see DC back in action making music again. His voice has always been eloquent and impassioned, traits certainly displayed on Age Of Giants’ debut offering ‘Cold In The Water’. All hush hush at the start before upping a gear on 1:22 and developing into a foot-to-the-floor, fist-pumping stomper by the end, it’s not a million miles away from the template that’s seen Mumford And Sons turn into global superstars overnight. It’s a fine, optimism filled first offering that we imagine would go down a storm live.

Cold In The Water by AGEOFGIANTS

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