A kiss with a fist is better than none.

A little while back, a friend of mine forwarded me an Email I’d sent to him in the summer of 2007, telling him to check out the first ever recorded version of Florence And The Machine’s now ubiquitous ‘Kiss With A Fist’. ‘Turns out you were right about this one’ he said, but what’s more important is the fact I now had a copy of what must be a pretty rare mp3 (I’d previously lost the original on an old hard drive, or something).

This version of what turned out to be Florence’s 2008 debut single (on Moshi Moshi) is simply flooring, which is why I’ve decided to post it on here for y’all now, in 2011. The energy and rawness (it’s just her trademark howl and a guitar) is something to behold, and (of course) was not fully captured or recreated on the commercial, full studio take.

In any case, it displays the traits and qualities that make A&R people (and the rest of us) fall off their chairs, and from this evidence, it’s no surprise than FATM went on to become a UK chart topping, Oscar performing phenomenon. As we await album number #2, out next year perhaps, turn this up and listen to some unbridled talent in its purest form.

MP3: Florence & The Machine – Kiss With A Fist (2007 demo)

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