The Strokes in 2002

I used to collect set-lists from each gig I went to, in a hope that one day they’d be worth something, or at least interesting to look at. This one here is from The Strokes‘ gig at Brixton Academy on 28 March 2002. They were touring the UK on a tidal wave of hype promoting Is This It. NME journalists were declaring them to be the saviours of, well, pretty much everything, whilst a whole new generation discovered and fell in love with rock ‘n’ roll. You know the story. Almost a decade on, and with new LP Angles doing the rounds, I figured it was as good a time as any to release this into the public domain and get all nostalgic.

14 songs in total – the debut album, plus rare B-side When It Started and two new ones, Meet Me In The Bathroom and Ze Newie (which latterly became Between Love & Hate). No messing about. It was one of the first (and to this day, one of the best) shows I ever attended, and is probably one of the main reasons why Laissez Faire Club exists at all.

The mp3 below, the original demo of The Modern Age, is supposedly, as urban myth goes, the version Geoff Travis of Rough Trade heard just 15 seconds of (down the phone, no less) before deciding to sign them. How’s that for gut instinct?

MP3: The Strokes – The Modern Age (demo)

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