New Mumford And Sons: ‘Beneath My Feet’ / ‘Lover’s Eyes’

The new Mumford And Sons LP (due out at the tail end of 2011) seems to be shaping up nicely, with a good number of tracks not present on their debut now included in the band’s live set, and circulating in various formats online.

The latest of these, ‘Beneath My Feet’ and ‘Lover’s Eyes’ (see also: ‘Lover Of The Light’, ‘Whispers In The Dark’) sound emboldened, beefed up and geared towards the biggest of stages – presumably where they’ll be performing the new efforts from once studio versions are released into the world. They also represent a sizable step forward from the relatively simplistic arrangements of Sigh No More, and a highly impressive quality control button – it seems this is a band who simply don’t do duff tracks, a trait which will stand them in good stead once the inevitable backlash occurs.

In lieu of proper recorded versions to listen to, check out these live bootlegs, which should still send shivers down your spine:

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