Introducing: Reptar

One of the bands no doubt making waves at SXSW this week are Athens, Georgia’s Reptar. The quartet have been around for only a short time, and already look like being on the verge of breaking out of their hometown scene, thus following in the footsteps of their city’s musical torchbearers REM.

This is unsurprising, really – fans of weird indie bands like Animal Collective, Passion Pit, MGMT, Modest Mouse and Wild Beasts will most likely find something in Reptar’s no-holds-barred, left-of-centre party electro racket to capture their attention.

Indeed, Animal Collective’s producer (on 2009’s critically lauded Merriweather Post Pavillion) Ben H. Allen came across the band and liked what he heard so much, he produced and put out a 7″ (‘Cannabis Canyon’ / ‘Houseboat Babies’) on his label Make Records Not Bombs last year. He’s also credited as being behind the desk on their forthcoming EP, ‘Oblange Fizz Y’all’, which sees the light of day on US indie label Quality Faucet shortly.

One of the tracks on there, ‘Stuck In My Id’, stopped us in our tracks when we heard the demo version of it a couple of months back. Now, Allen’s production gives it a bit of added depth and fizz which should see it have much the same effect on many others throughout the course of 2011. Check it out below.

Stuck in my Id by reptarathens

MP3: Reptar – Houseboat Babies

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