Dog Is Dead: ‘Hands Down’ (acoustic session for Crack In The Road)

Before headlining our debut Manchester show at The Castle Hotel last week (3 March), Dog Is Dead performed an acoustic session for our friends over at Crack In The Road in the upstairs room of the venue.

One of the songs they stripped down, ‘Hands Down’, was a highlight of their set later on in the evening – and displays their already impressive grasp of harmony, melody and hooks. It also recalls a good number of lauded acts of the last few years: Local Natives, Fleet Foxes, Mystery Jets and Mumford And Sons are just some names that spring to mind – a possible reason for the sudden outbreak of Dog Is Dead fever within the UK music industry. At the time of writing they remain unsigned, a status we don’t expect to last for too much longer.

The aforementioned track is sure to be omnipresent during the forthcoming summer festival season too, a large number of which they’re due to appear at. So learn the words now and look all smug when you’re standing in a field somewhere in the UK later on this year, alongside a whole bunch of boozed up lads waiting for the start of Kasabian’s set.

Check out a Crack In The Road’s review of the show here.

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