LFC 4th Birthday band #7: Channel Cairo

London’s Channel Cairo are purveyors of dark, haunting and romantic indie-pop, or pop-noir in short. Their piano led, anthemic arrangements do remind us of early 00’s band Thirteen Senses, and there’s also obvious comparisons to be made with the likes of The Cure, The Smiths and latterly The Killers.

Like many of the other bands playing our fourth birthday shows, they’re not overly concerned with current trends, instead choosing to concentrate on solid songwriting with memorable hooks. Ones that bore their way inside your head, and stay there. We firmly believe that if you stick to your guns, and you’re good enough, your music will find an audience. And by this reckoning, we’re backing Channel Cairo to succeed.

They haven’t been around for too long, so there’s not a great deal else we can reveal about them, apart from the fact they rehearse next to a whiskey bar (of course they do), and often collaborate with interesting photographers and film makers, to offer us an intriguing audio-visual package. Get down to The Macbeth early on the 27th to catch their live show.

Location: London, UK
Lineup: Josh Bowyer (Vocals, Keys), Luke Saunders (Guitar), Hamish Murtagh (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Joe Cross (Bass, Backing Vocals), James Gardiner (Drums)
Label: Unsigned
Previous LFC appearances: 0
Blog love: “London’s most exciting newcomers” (Gigjunkie)
LFC 4th Birthday show details: The Macbeth, 27 Jan, on-stage 8.00pm RSVP TICKETS

Who are you?

We’re an Anglo-French 5 piece living in London , playing big intriguing indie songs. AKA “Haunting, epic pop”, according to Rough Trade.

What were your highlights of 2010?

Meeting the crazy guy who flew over from Cairo to watch us play. The power in our band name took us all quite by surprise.

What are you most looking forward to in 2011?

Probably the final mix of our debut album. That’ll be a good day. We’ll crack open the bourbon and our manager will have to take us out for steak. That and playing our first festival gig.

Do you have anything available to buy right now?

Nothing official yet, but we have an unofficial EP demo available to hear online and a remix of ‘Twenty’ by upcoming producer Andrew Maury of RAC available to download. We’re also selling off our souls, again unofficially. Hamish’s is the only one currently sold, which is why he has no shadow.

What’s been your best gig(s) to date?

June 2010. Canonbury tube station. Waiting for the last tube home after a gig we got carried away and ended up playing for hours and sharing taxis with some people that stayed. Other than that we played a wild gig to a sold out 100 club which was phenomenal.

And finally, why should people attend your gig?

Josh is our Ginsberg and we’re building a new beat generation for the ’10s. We want to reignite the flame of giant romantic indie – if we succeed by summer, you’ll know about it.

Twenty (alternative mix) by channelcairo

MP3: Channel Cairo – Twenty (RAC Maury Mix)

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