LFC 4th Birthday band #3: Holden

Holden are one of the best new bands we’ve come across recently, amongst the plethora of new artists we as a club night / label get sent, come across or hear about via word of mouth – regular readers of this blog will be aware of that fact due to the feature we ran on them a couple of weeks back.

Their throwback, upbeat folk ‘n’ roll has really struck a cord with us, as has their penchant for solid, old-fashioned songwriting with memorable hooks. It’s something that’s often overlooked these days, and we’re not totally sure why.

Their sound certainly compliments that of Scoundrels or Ice Black Birds (all hark back to a bygone era where synthesisers and drum machines were something used in sci-fi movies, rather than on-stage) which is why we’ve brought them all together on the same bill on Wednesday 26 January at Catch. It’s a lineup, we imagine, that patrons of Woodstock might have been proud of. Come on down and get retro with us.

Location: London, UK (via Dalkeith, UK)
Lineup: Jedd Holden (Vocals, Guitar) Anthony Holden (Lead Guitar), Dan Coffey (Bass), Kris Lousley (Drums)
Label: Unsigned
Previous LFC appearances: 0
Blog love: “They are a band that are sure to be going places” (The Undercurrent)
LFC 4th Birthday show details: Catch, 26 Jan, on-stage 8.45pm RSVP TICKETS

Who are you?

We’re a four piece band with a love of folk, rock and the underdog with roots in Edinburgh and London.

What were your highlights of 2010?

Completing our lineup in June, going in into the studio and seeing our beardy muggs playing on TV. Also our first homecoming gig in Edinburgh since moving down to London. It was for a mini festival called ‘Born to be Wide’, and the venue was full of family and old friends. Being sponsored by Levis was a bonus.

What are you most looking forward to in 2011?

Recording our much awaited debut album. The brothers in the band have been writing songs together for many years. The title is still to be decided although the material is cracking. We’ve made a start to the year with our online YouTube channel of acoustic sessions recorded on the rooftop of our flat in Abbey Road called ‘Holden On The Roof with… – Live from Abbey Road’. It’s a way of us getting new material straight to fans and also introducing artists we really like.

Do you have anything available to buy right now?

We’re currently a sleeping giant. When the album is finished we’d like to release it with either a great indie or the major label avenue.

What’s been your best gig(s) to date?

We try to make every one a great experience both for us as well as the folks that come along. Certainly looking forward to playing festivals this year.

And finally, why should people attend your gig?

You wont see anything like it again. Very intense!

Holden – Cider Sunday by ITCManchester

MP3: Holden – In The Yard (Live session)

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