Introducing: Mona

We’ve been put on to Mona, a new-ish band from Nashville in the last week or so, and can’t stop listening to their current hard-hitting single Listen To Your Love.

Comparisons to Kings Of Leon and The Features are inevitable, given geography, a penchant for impassioned rock ‘n’ roll and a vocal delivery not entirely dissimilar to Caleb Followill’s – however it’d be unfair to dismiss them as mere coat-tail riders. There’s a power and passion in this track reminiscent of early Springsteen, and let’s face it, it’s been a long while since KoL churned out anything which could be described as such. In any case, there’s always going to be room for new music with hooks as convincing and well executed at this – the chorus here, while pretty obvious in a U2 kind of way, seems designed for late evening festival slots and campfire sing-alongs of the future.

The band are over in the UK this week to play a handful of introductory shows, including an appearance at The Flowerpot in Kentish Town this Wednesday night. They’ve just put pen to paper with Island Records too, which should mean some heavy exposure for them in the next six months or so. If this means there’ll be some meaningful, heart-on-sleeve rock music back in the charts, we say bring it on.

listen to your love -MONA by MONA-

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