Introducing: The Evil Stairs

The Evil Stairs is the new project of singer / guitarist Rory Thomas, previously of promising London group The Light Brigade – which included members of the currently much talked about Anglo-American trio Lunar Youth.

Taking their cue from established noir-pop bands such as Interpol, The National and Joy Division and mixing it with the brashness of classic alt-rock groups such as Sonic Youth and Fugazi, they create, in their own words, ‘an unusual and exciting blend of guitar driven music’ – one that unrelentingly draws the listener in.

They’ve got an ace up their sleeve in Thomas’ vocal delivery, too, which is something that may well set them apart from the plethora of bands using similar reference points. Displaying the intensity we’ve come to associate with Messrs. Curtis or Banks, it also comes across as all laid back and nonchalant – often within the space of the same song. As far as interesting vocalists go, you might file him next to Jack Steadman (Bombay Bicycle Club) or David Jones (Departure / NewIslands).

After hearing their MySpace demos a few months back, we were so impressed we invited them to play at our last Lock Tavern showcase at the end of June, to see if they could do the whole thing live (they could). Definitely a band to check out live if you get a chance, they’re scheduled to play some London shows in the next few weeks (full dates here). In the meantime, whet your appetite by checking out this exclusive demo below:

MP3: The Evil Stairs – Get Out Of Jail Free Card (Demo)

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