Introducing: Givers

It’s taken us a while to post this, but as the saying rightly goes, better late than never. At SXSW this year, amongst the plethora of exciting talent vying for our eardrums in Austin’s many watering holes, were a band from Lafayette in Louisiana who go by the name of Givers.

Laissez Faire Club managed to catch two shows of theirs (Emo’s Annex & Beauty Bar) after hearing mutterings about them as soon as we rolled into Austin, and we can safely say they were up there with the best gigs of the entire festival. They were performances with a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement in the air, as if every member of the audience knew they were onto something big.

Their feelgood, afro-beat inspired racket evokes images of outdoor festivals, walking around in flip flops and drinking cider in the park. What we commonly refer to as the good times. Take the energy and hooks of Vampire Weekend, the quirkiness of Dirty Projectors and the tropical explosions of El Guincho, and you’re in the ballpark Givers are playing in.

Of course, they’ve got their own southern-fried take on this increasingly borrowed template, and are already a formidable proposition live (helped in no small part by the on-stage chemistry between the band’s two singers, Teddy Lamson and Taylor Guarisco), which is why they’re very much on the up as we speak.

They’re currently on a huge US tour, playing songs off their 2009 self-titled EP as well as cuts off their forthcoming long player – out later this year we assume. Definitely ones to keep a hawk eye on, and if there’s any justice, the soundtrack to many a summer ahead.

MP3: Givers – Up Up Up

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  1. who is that ass in the yellow dino hat around 4:30 ruining the frame… and 4:45, kill me….who takes vid on the BB?

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