I Want To Go To Mexico

A band to catch our attention in the last six months has been the London based Vadoinmessico, a collective of musicians from all over – Italy, Mexico, Austria and Blighty itself. They play a mostly blissed out brand of indie-folk with Mediterranean connotations, and indeed their music does take the listener to a sunnier, better place. In fact, their name is Italian for ‘I Want To Go To Mexico’, which certainly fits in with such romanticism.

Their folky, acoustic leanings (and liberal use of a banjo in their arrangements) have led to recent comparisons with scene torchbearers Mumford & Sons and Aussie space cadets Empire Of The Sun, but this is of course lazy – their sound is unique and very much their own. It’s this individuality that won them a number of high profile showcases at SXSW just gone, as well as a couple of warm up in shows in New York prior to the industry free-for-all down in Austin.

Laissez Faire Club was at the majority of these gigs, and was so impressed we invited them to headline our first showcase at The Lock Tavern in Camden last Thursday 22nd, for what was in effect their UK homecoming after a well received jaunt in the US of A. Again, we were most taken with what we saw, as were the sizeable number who turned up to see them.

Check out the video below of their track In Spain, filmed at the Driskill Hotel during their time in Austin last month.

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